Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax

Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax

Our in house design and tested Coconut Soy wax is a vegan friendly wax that consists of a balanced blend of Coconut and Pure Soy natural waxes. This wax is flaked in texture and adheres to your jar with ease.

With its quick curing time and quality oil absorption, it creates a sensational hot and cold scent throw, and leaves your candle with a beautiful creamy finish.


  • Flaked
  • Great jar adhesion
  • Quicker curing time
  • Creamy white finish
  • Quality oil absorption – Ensuring a high hot and cold scent throw
  • No additives – Hydrogenated soybean and coconut oil from the USA


  • Melting point – 47 degrees
  • Heating recommendation – 70 degrees
  • Pouring range – 45-50 degrees
  • We recommend adding fragrance at 50-52 degrees, stir well until cloudy, and pour slowly at 45-48 degrees
  • Maximum fragrance additive – 6-10% depending on potency of fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Amazing natural wax

Highly recommend PCS Cocosoy wax, great CT & HT with only 8% FO

Maya Pike
Great communication

So happy that I got the Mango fragrance added after my purchase.

carmel deacon

The coconut soy wax was excellent. My granddaughter made some great candles and gave them away for Easter gifts .


My first attempt using PCS Cocosoy wax was a disaster as I just used my usual temps etc thinking it would be fine.... yuck sink holes, tunneling, lumpy tops & frosting... disaster. My next attempt was fantastic ... yeah I followed the temperature guide for the wax 🤭. It's lovely to work with, great HT throw and brilliant glass adhesion that I have not had with any other wax. My only small complaint would be the finish is not smooth even after using a hot gun. It's not bad .. Just a little bit more rustic looking. Overall it is a great wax.

Susan Atkinson
coconut soy wax

Yes, I received the wax and colours, thank you. I used the wax as per website recommendations and I got frosting. Candles are new to me and I'm finding it hard to get everything just right. Great customer service and postage didn't take too long.