Frequently Asked Questions


Order Queries & Dispatch Times

How long will my order take to get dispatched?

Orders will be dispatched within 3 business days from date received*

*TNT Overnight Express Orders will be dispatched same day if received before 12.00pm with no payment restrictions. 

Seasonal Period

During our peak season (October – December) & post container arrival, please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be dispatched.

How long will the order take to get to me?

Our providers are TNT Express Services and Australia Post.

Below are the lead times for parcels to arrive*

  • Melbourne - 1-2 Business Days
  • Rest of Victoria - 1-2 Business Days
  • NSW/ACT - 2-3 Business Days
  • SA - 2-3 Business Days
  • TAS - 4-5 Business Days
  • QLD - 5-7 Business Days
  • WA - 7 Business Days
  • NT - 7 Business Days

*During peak season (October - December) delivery timeframes may vary. We recommend heading to the providers website for details.  

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout based on the weight of your products and postcode. Shipping cost will vary depending on the carrier selected.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer Worldwide shipping with Australia Post & FedEx International. Shipping costs will vary depending on your location/weight of your order.

I need my order urgently, which carrier should I select?

TNT offer an Overnight Express option, which will guarantee your order will arrive next business day.

Overnight TNT Express Orders need to be submitted by 12.00pm to ensure same day dispatch from our Warehouse.

Alternatively, TNT Road Express Service and Australia Post Express Service are also available

TNT Orders over 29kg  - Residential Delivery

Please note, any orders placed over 29kg with TNT Road Express, Sensitive Express or Overnight Express will require delivery to a local depot or commerical address. This is to avoid overweight and residential delivery fees imposed by TNT. 

Our team will reach out to you with the options available should your order exceed this limit with the delivery options available. 

You can see if there is local TNT Depot near your address via the below link:

My order hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Check your tracking link provided in your shipping confirmation. This will advise if any delays are taking place or that it is ready for collection at an LPO or TNT Depot.

If the arrival date of your order has surpassed, please email to investigate further for you.

I have an item missing/incorrect stock, who do I contact?

Should you receive an incorrect item or stock is missing form your order, please email and one of our friendly staff will get back to you with options available.

I received some damages to my order during transit, what should I do?

Unfortunately, once your parcel leaves our warehouse, we have no control over how it is handled during the shipping process. Should you receive any damaged items during transit, please email with details of the damages and images. Depending on the carrier selected, we will advise your options in conjunction with our terms and conditions.

Product & Technical Advice:

I’m new to candle making, where should I start?

We offer a great range of packs that are suitable for both beginners and advanced candle makers. Our Coconut Craze and Honeysuckle Heaven packs contain everything you need to create 3-4 candles from start to finish, including instructions. These packs are designed for beginners to get a feel for and test our products without a huge price tag.

What’s the difference between Pure100 Soy Wax and Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax?

Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax is designed for container candles, it promotes superb jar adhesion and a great hot and cold throw. Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax is made up of 80% Pure100 Soy Wax with a 20% Coconut Oil Blend. Pure100 Soy Wax is made from hydrogenated soybeans and performs well in both container candles and moulds as it is a slightly harder wax. 

Are your waxes vegan friendly?

Our Pure Blend Coconut Soy Wax & Pure100 Soy Wax are 100% natural waxes and are vegan friendly.

How much fragrance oil do I need for my candle?

We recommend measuring your fragrance oil loading by grams for a consistent candle

The amount of fragrance loading can vary between 6% - 10%, with our recommendation being 8% for majority of fragrance oils

The below formula can be adapted to any vessel size to work out your fragrance oil loading – We have provided an example based on our Sienna Small Vessel:

Fragrance loading calculation:

Wax weight (220g) x 0.08 (8% fragrance loading) = 18g (rounded up)

Wax required for candle:

Wax weight (220g) – 18g (fragrance required) = 202g (rounded down)

NB: You can amend the fragrance loading by multiplying by 0.06 (6%), 0.10 (10%) etc.

Are your fragrance oils, essential oils?

Our fragrance oils are a hybrid mix of essential oils and synthetics designed for candle and soap making. This is to allow for the higher scent loading of up to 10% and longevity of fragrance shelf life.

All our fragrance oils are Australian Made and IFRA approved.

How do I melt wax?

There are multiple ways to melt wax, however, for beginners, we recommend the double boil method as it is the safest, and most consistent way to melt wax.

Measure your wax in a jug suitable for high temperatures. Boil a pot of water on your stove top and insert the jug into the water for the wax to begin to melt. Our 1- 3 litre plastic jugs are double-boil safe and can be used for this method.

Alternative methods used are a microwave or wax melter. 

How do I know which wick to use?

Wick sizes are based on the inside diameter of your vessel. Simply measure the inside diameter of your jar and use the below guide to select the correct wick:

Wick Name

Burn Diameter

Wick Length

Tab Dimension

Pure Wicks – Pillar Wick



20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT35

30mm – 35mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT40

35mm – 40mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT50

45mm – 50mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks - PT55

55mm – 60mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT60

60mm – 65mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT65

65mm – 70mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT70

70mm – 75mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT75

75mm – 80mm


20mm x 6mm

Pure Wicks – PT80

80mm – 85mm


20mm x 6mm


We recommend a double wick for any jars with an inside diameter of 80mm+. This ensures a clean and consistent burn.

What temperatures should I work with to create my candle?

Our wax performs best when using lower temperatures. We recommend heating the wax to 70 degrees and adding fragrance at 52 degrees, stir for 1-2 minutes or until wax becomes cloudy and then pour in slow, circular motions between 45 – 48 degrees.

How long should I let my candle cure for?

We recommend a cure time of 48 hours for a test burn and minimum one week cure time when on selling

How do I use candle moulds?

Majority of our moulds are silicone based with a pop out style method. Below are a few guidelines to follow to create your mould:  

  • Pierce the mould with a needle or skewer to create a wick hole at the base where you want your wick to sit when lit.
  • As you remove the needle/skewer, begin to insert your wick and feed through the hole
  • Place your mould on a flat surface, ready to pour.
  • Prepare your wax & fragrance as you normally would when making a container candle
  • Once at the ample temperature, pour wax directly into your mould and secure wick with a wick holder

Allow your mould to cure for a minimum of 48 hours in a warm environment before de-moulding.

To remove your candle:

  • Stretch the mould out from all sides to create a release.
  • Flip the bottom of the mould in an upwards direction to show the bottom part of the candle
  • Gently push from the top of the candle to release the remainder of the mould and roll back the remaining silicone

Trim your wick and ensure the mould is placed on a heat resistant tray prior to burning.

How do I use Dye chips?

Dye chips need to be added at the hottest point of the wax (at least 70 degrees) and it is recommended to measure 1 gram per 500 grams of wax to achieve the true colour pigment.

You can lessen or intensify the colour by adding less/more as desired.

What's the difference between your Signature Room Spray Base & Your Luxe Room Spray Base? 

Our Signature Room Spray base is designed to carry a small amount of fragrance oil with a higher loading of base. We recommend 99% of Base to 1% fragrance oil ratio. Due to the ingredient makeup (water, preservative, solubiliser, and ethanol) the formula can go cloudy depending on the fragrance oil used. 

Our Luxe Room Spray Base is made up of Cosmetic Grade Ethonal making it suitable for both Room Sprays and Body Mists. The ratio of base compared to fragrance oil can vary depending on the potency of the fragrance oil used. We recommend starting at an 85% base with a 15% fragrance oil loading and adjust accordingly. This is a favoured base if using clear bottles as this base does NOT go cloudy. 

Do the Sienna Refill Moulds fit the Cambridge Style Jar? 

Unfortunately, our moulds are designed to fit our selection of Sienna Jars and are marginally diffferent in sizing compared to the Cambridge Style. Should you wish to take advantage of using refill moulds, we recommend purchashing our Sienna Style Jar to ensure the desired fit is achieved. 

I want to make diffusers; Can I just use fragrance oil?

You will require a carrier oil when making both reed and car diffusers. We recommend using our Luxe Reed Diffuser base at a 75% ratio in conjunction with 25% of our premium fragrance oils.

Do you sell packaging for candles and diffusers?

We offer tube packaging in karft, white & black colourways for majority of our candle glassware. We plan to offer further candle & diffuser packaging options in late 2024. 

How to Guides available: 

If you're new or need a refresh on using our products. Click here to review our range of How to Guides which contain step by step instructions to create your candles, room sprays, diffusers and more.

Warehouse, Wholesale & Retail information:

Do you have a Showroom/Retail store?

Yes, we have a showroom open to the public from Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 4.30pm & Saturday from 8.00am – 12.00pm*

*Closed Public Holidays

Can I purchase instore?

Yes, we have eftpos facilities available instore.

Do you offer BNPL Services? 

Yes, we offer ZipPay, Afterpay & Klarna online - you can select your preferred provider at the checkout page. 

Where are you located?

We are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Chirnside Park.

You can find us at 2/42 Ramset Drive, Chirnside Park VIC 3116

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes, we have local pick up available that you can select from the checkout page. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email notification once it is ready for collection.

Do I need an ABN to purchase from your store?

No, we sell to the public and have wholesale available.

I have an ABN, can I access wholesale rates?

Wholesale pricing is for higher quantities above our online discount rates. Wax wholesale begins at 500kg, Fragrance at 20kg & Glassware units from 500+.

Should you be interested in a wholesale account with us, please contact Tim,