Shy Girl Body Candle Mould

Shy Girl Body Candle Mould - New size available

This stunning modest mould, that has all the beautiful details of the female form.

Made from premium quality silicone with a split down the side, allowing you to remove your candle with ease.  

This mould comes in both a small and large size as per specifications below.

***Pegs will be provided with your mould, to secure it in place while curing. 


Shy Girl Mould - Small

Height: 10cm

Width: 8.5cm

Length: 5cm

Candle Specs (finished product): 9cm H x 7cm W x 4cm L

Volume: 100g

Wick Recommendation: PT40


Shy Girl Mould - Large

Height: 16cm

Width: 7cm

Length: 9cm

Candle Specs (finished product): 15cm H x 6cm W x 8cm L

Volume: 260g

Wick Recommendation: TBA

Pure Candle Supplies provide recommendations only. Burn diameters & burn time can be affected by the variation of  the selected wax, colour, and/or fragrance.  

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